Welcome friends to the stickiest, dare I say, “Cummunity” on the Binance Smart Chain! Have you found us after the shoutout from Bill “the bull” Maher? Perhaps you have been summoned by the call-to-arms from billionaire Elon Musk and the resulting fanfare? Were your pious sensibilities shattered upon the utterance…

WOW what a launch! First off, thank you to everyone who has supported us and believes in us. We promise you that this is just the start of CumRocket’s journey in making the most exciting and beneficial platform the adult industry has ever seen!

With that being said, here are…

CumRocket’s outreach team consists of sex workers, utilising their extensive SW networks to ensure that CumRocket is well-known in the adult industry. Onboarding models onto the platform is vital to CumRocket’s success so we are pleased to announce that Evermoon is taking on the role of Head of Outreach!

Evermoon has already been working closely with the CumRocket team as a SW advisor, including devising a 36 page document containing strategies to dominate the adult industry.

The outreach team are currently working on building a killer line-up for CumRocket’s first official NFT drop on the new platform. This line-up is full of influencers in the adult sector who are being kept a surprise until closer to launch! 🚀

“My team and I have been working for months to onboard amazing models with big followings for our release. You’re definitely not ready for this!”

Hey guys! Everyone is eagerly awaiting our v2 release and we can’t wait to release it either. As we explained before, after our new dev team arrived, they spotted a huge opportunity in changing both the framework and the marketplace contracts. So that’s what we did because it allows us…


CumRocket ($CUMMIES) is a revolutionary deflationary token that is centered around the adult entertainment industry.

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