CumRocket Progress Update 18/09/2021

3 min readSep 18, 2021


Hey guys! Everyone is eagerly awaiting our v2 release and we can’t wait to release it either. As we explained before, after our new dev team arrived, they spotted a huge opportunity in changing both the framework and the marketplace contracts. So that’s what we did because it allows us to build a solid foundation and will better set us up for success in the future. However a side effect of this means that we have to submit these new contracts to be audited again before we can allow any real money to pass through to ensure it’s all safe and properly tested. We need a bit more time (days not weeks) before we can submit them then it will take up to 2 weeks for the audit company to return our results.

This is the list that we are specifically working on before we can send them off:
[ ] Fix secondaryCummies to add up to the divisor
[ ] Add customizable divisors to distribution arrays. check that numbers add up, and divisor is no more than 1 billion (fits in uint32)
[ ] allow customizing cummies address, liquidity address (owner only)
[ ] add a guard to prevent any item being listed for sale for over 1 (+30 zeroes) wei. most everything has 18 decimals so this is 1 trillion.
[ ] Need to prevent resale of NFTs until the primary sale is completely finished.

We are making amazing progress everyday, and functionality like the chat feature will come sooner than expected. We are gradually onboarding models. So far we have ~100 models with accounts, whom we have been doing internal testing with, as well as listening to their feedback to improve the user flows. We are now almost ready to invite a wider group of models who will begin onboarding in the upcoming days (1.1k+ have registered their interest with us!). On top of this, we are actively reaching out to new models to ensure that CumRocket is becoming more widely recognised within the adult community, so far around 100 new models (from a diverse background) have been contacted! Everyone will start with being able to view the explore page (list of creators/model profiles). Due to us needing the audit before we can open up NFT sales, to avoid confusion and to allow time for models to upload their NFTs (lazy minting, these get minted upon purchase), we are going to keep the NFTs on the platform a surprise however you will be able to see many of the models who have boarded the CumRocket on the explore page! We will let everyone see that this month. 😊

We appreciate everyone’s patience and we hope you can appreciate the reasons why we must ensure we are doing things properly and the time we have been dedicating to this (our dev team have been putting in WORK to turnaround a brand new platform and marketplace contracts that fast). We also added 3 new devs. Not long now cumrades, the wait will be worth it! 😎☀️

Other updates:
As you can see our socials have been a lot more active with posting everyday which we plan to stick to🙌
New marketing website design is being finalised, we are working on the copy currently
Whitepaper redesign is is full swing too
Once we have our new website, platform and whitepaper we can market a whole lot more effectively. The more professional image we have the more exchanges will take notice too, we plan to approach bigger exchanges after this. We also plan to bridge to other chains to increase exposure to buyers! 💖




CumRocket ($CUMMIES) is a revolutionary deflationary token that is centered around the adult entertainment industry.