CumRocket to partner with 8PAY to enable OnlyFans like subscriptions

We are partnering with 8PAY for our crypto subscriptions solution which will be used to subscribe to 18+ private content feeds on our platform using our token, CUMMIES!

8Pay is a crypto payment processor that lets you access single, recurring and on demand payments.

This comes at the perfect time considering the recent news from OnlyFans who are limiting explicit sexual content on their platform due to pressure from payment processors. This is not the only time that payment processors have put adult performers at an unfair disadvantage. They are known to sometimes block payments if it’s deemed to be of an adult nature, as well as enforcing higher processing fees.

Sex workers can avoid all of this by using cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is the future of adult payments.

With CUMMIES, you can sell your adult content on our 18+ platform without worrying about any limitations enforced by payment processors!

The subscriptions side of our platform is due to launch after our upgraded 18+ NFT marketplace, this year.
If you are a creator, please register your interest here and we will keep you updated!

CumRocket ($CUMMIES) is a revolutionary deflationary token that is centered around the adult entertainment industry.