CumRocket Update: 13th December


An in-house marketing employee is undergoing onboarding and in 2 weeks will be full-time, they will be responsible for long term brand building along with help from an expert marketing agency to formulate this strategy. Over the long term they will be building up our brand presence and promotion across all media. This includes Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, email marketing and digital press to begin with. We also have a strategy to enable our platform to be promoted on restrictive platforms such as Facebook but this will be a long-term game.


After the success of our V2 NFT marketplace our external developers contract came to an end after a confidential disagreement over the future of CumRocket. We wish them the best and are now beginning the process of transitioning to a new development team who have a greater amount of resources to hand. This means that we can scale the size of the team as and when we require, moving to a new team means that we can be more timely and efficient. This new development firm comprises of 200+ skilled, pre-vetted, full-time professionals. This transition process can take some time so we apologise for any bugs during this interim period. Another new hire includes our new Head of Tech who will be overseeing the security aspects of this external team who comes with a fantastic track record. The next major marketplace features are due to arrive in Q1.



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CumRocket ($CUMMIES) is a revolutionary deflationary token that is centered around the adult entertainment industry.