How to Earn Crypto Passively

4 min readJul 9, 2022


The CUMMIES token transaction tax is now turned off (0% tax) which means reflections are no longer. The only way you can earn more CUMMIES from this point on will be through our new farm.

Farmers will be rewarded with CUMMIES for providing liquidity. Providing liquidity benefits the CumRocket ecosystem by increasing price stability. By turning off the tax, we hope that many of you will be encouraged to join the farm!


  1. Firstly, if you have ever used our old farm (the CumFarm) make sure to unstake in order to move it across to the new farm contract. You can use the same LP tokens that you used in the CumFarm in the new farm.
  2. Navigate to the new farm, and connect your wallet.

3. Next, you will need to provide liquidity. Liquidity is defined as CUMMIES/BNB V2 LP. Simply click the button and it will take you to the place where you can make the needed LP in PancakeSwap.

For this stage, you need to have an equivalent amount of BNB to pair your CUMMIES with.

Once you are happy with the amount you have selected, hit Supply.

4. Lastly, navigate back to the farm and click ‘Approve’.

5. Staking. Now you will be onto the farm view. From here, select how many LP tokens you wish to stake and hit ‘stake’. The more you stake, the bigger % of the pool you will be and so the greater rewards you will receive.

6. Unstaking. You can unstake any amount at any time if you wish to exit the farm by selecting the amount and pressing ‘unstake’.

7. Rewards. To claim your estimated pending CUMMIES rewards, click the ‘harvest’ button.


  • What’s the APY?
    The reward rate of CUMMIES from the farm will be variable depending on the amount of people providing liquidity, meaning that the overall APY will be changing constantly. A fixed rate of 2,600 CUMMIES per hour will be shared amongst farmers proportionately.
  • What’s changed since the last farm?
    With this farm your estimated rewards will never decrease, meaning you don’t have to worry about harvesting as regularly. Also, since the transaction tax is now at 0%, there are no fees for entering or exiting!
  • Are there any risks?
    ‘Impermanent Loss’ is a process that can happen with farming. It’s when the price of one or both assets change and the ratio of tokens in the liquidity pool changes. This means you can end up getting a different amount of CUMMIES/BNB back. It’s a confusing concept but we recommend watching this video to explain it better!
  • Does this mean that the token is inflationary now?
    No — the farm rewards are supplied by the dev wallet (i.e. tokens that are already part of the current circulating supply).
  • Can I exit the farm at any time?
    Yes, there is no lockup period.