The CumFarm is now open! 👨‍🌾

Our Liquidity Solution

We heard your concerns and we have listened. Over the last 2 weeks we have been busy crafting a solution to help increase the liquidity on PancakeSwap.

Introducing CumFarm

CumFarm was announced last week as our short term staking solution for liquidity providers on PancakeSwap. CumFarm will work in a similar way to other DeFi farms and will require a holder to pair their CUMMIES with BNB and supply this liquidity to the pancake pool.

CumFarm Risks

  • 16% CUMMIES fee + 5% BNB fee— When you add CUMMIES to a liquidity pair, you will have to pay the 5% token fee plus the 5% BNB fee. When you remove your liquidity you have to pay a 10% fee (Internally, this is two transactions which is why it’s doubled). We tried every possible model to avoid this fee but unfortunately, due to the way the PancakeSwap LP’s work, we couldn’t. That means that any entrance into the CumFarm should be well thought about, and ideally a holder should remain staked for a longer period to ensure a greater chance at profitability. There is also a 1% fee that is the ‘locking fee’ upon staking (0.5% CUMMIES and 0.5% BNB), this liquidity will stay locked.
  • Impermanent Loss is a process that can happen with DeFi farming. It’s when the price of one or both assets change and the ratio of tokens in the liquidity pool changes. This means you can end up getting a different amount of CUMMIES/BNB back. It’s a confusing concept but I recommend watching this video to explain it better!
  • Variable APY — The reward rate of CUMMIES from the CumFarm will be variable depending on the amount of people providing liquidity, meaning that the overall APY will be changing constantly. A holder should use this as part of their decision making process before joining the farm.

CumFarm Tips

  • Understand the tax — Make sure you understand the token tax implications (total tax of 16% CUMMIES + 5% BNB) and how impermanent loss works before joining the farm. This will prevent any upsets.
  • If you can, try to avoid selling CUMMIES for BNB — People may be tempted to sell some CUMMIES for BNB so that they can pair them and add liquidity. Therefore, in the short term we may notice a small decrease in price, however, it will result in a larger liquidity pool and therefore increased price stability.
  • Don’t stake your whole stack — Due to the risks mentioned above, we would personally recommend staking only 1/4 to 1/3rd of your total CUMMIES.
  • Altering the staked/unstaked amount — When you stake more or unstake some (or all) it will auto-claim your CUMMIES for you. They have not disappeared from the ‘CUMMIES earned’ section, it just means you didn’t have to manually harvest them.

V2 Liquidity Solutions

CumFarm is one of the ways we will be increasing our liquidity but we realise the implications that come with farming and will implement a permanent liquidity generation solution with the release of V2. When we release V2, there will be a 15% platform fee on all sales across the platform.

CumFarm Tutorial

CumRocket ($CUMMIES) is a revolutionary deflationary token that is centered around the adult entertainment industry.