Welcome friends to the stickiest, dare I say, “Cummunity” on the Binance Smart Chain! Have you found us after the shoutout from Bill “the bull” Maher? Perhaps you have been summoned by the call-to-arms from billionaire Elon Musk and the resulting fanfare? Were your pious sensibilities shattered upon the utterance of the name *tee hee* CuMrOcKeT and you are just way too curious for your own good? Or even better, maybe you are a forward-looking investor who understands that porn, a ~100-billion-dollar global industry, is quite obviously going to occupy a large component of the maturing crypto space. Regardless of your reasons for being here, I am here to answer your most fervent questions about CumRocket and show you why this company is at the frontier of the adult content industry. Here is the quick and dirty:

Come for the meme, stay for the use-case

CumRocket is a female-led company aiming to disrupt the porn industry by utilizing emerging blockchain technologies. The company currently owns the world’s first adult NFT marketplace, which at time of writing, has mostly sold out all the NFTs produced in collaboration with more than fifty creators. You can find this marketplace here: https://cumrocketnft.com/ connect with your wallet to log in and view the whole NFT collection. CumRocket is already working on a brand new version of their NFT marketplace built from the ground up, due for release at the end of June 2021. This is set to improve UX and UI for users as well as enabling adult content creators to create and manage their own profile, enabling new forms of interaction with fans, as well as the ability to mint and sell NFTs and receive tips in CUMMIES, the CumRocket token. Creators will thus be able to independently produce and sell exclusive adult content — including HD porn video NFT’s — as consumable products, mirroring services offered by porn companies widely used today.

For those who are not familiar: NFTs, or “non-fungible tokens,” are digital assets like pictures, videos, etc. which are linked to a digital receipt on the blockchain such that each item is unique.

After the launch of the V2 marketplace, the team plans to continually upgrade this into a fully fleshed platform with features such as: subscription services allowing customers to follow their favourite models, more extensive tipping including live chatting, an NFT reselling marketplace, royalties for models every time their NFTs exchange hands, referral bonuses and much more.

Since its inception, the CumRocket team has worked diligently to build rapport among models in the adult industry, many of whom are names you may be familiar with! You can find a full list of the partnerships here: https://cumrocket.io/partnerships Much of this success is due in part by the brand ambassadors: Shelby Paris, Lauren Phillips, and Lacey London, and other major CumRocket models such as @Eve_R_Moon, @ErinXEddie, @AussieCosplay, @BraidsBrandi, and @Dramabomb331 who have made enormous efforts to promote the project. These models are not influencers paid to give a simple shoutout on social media — at its core, CumRocket is creating a platform by models for models to challenge exploitative practices within the adult content industry.

Unlike current platforms in the adult industry, which are bogged down by traditional financial institutions, the CumRocket ecosystem will offer seamless transactions directly from customers to models. This feature of cryptocurrencies, one of the exact reasons why this technology was initially invented, allows for greater anonymity for the customer, stops chargeback issues and offers substantially improved margins for models. For example, current leading adult platforms take a cut ranging from 20–70% from models’ earnings, and 50% or less of revenue returned to the creator is the standard on leading webcam sites. CumRocket only takes margins of 15% or lower. If content creators are incentivized to adopt the CumRocket marketplace, their loyal customers will certainly follow.

This is just the beginning for this project, so be sure to HODL your CUMMIES as we launch deep into space towards Uranus! Subscribe to stay tuned for more updates to this blog. If you have any immediate burning questions, please ask away on the Telegram or Discord linked here.